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Creating form in a template for data transfer

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In Metatask you can collect important data and transfer it between tasks with the help of a data form. E.g. you have tasks to make a job posting on several resources, and you'd like to include reference links in them. So you can create data form with fields for these links and easily keep this information in your tasks. 

Steps to create data form:

Once you're done with process details and tasks, you can switch to the tab "Data form" and follow these steps:

  1. Press button "Create form"

   2.  Enter the section name. Your form can contain several sections for better data organisation.

   3.  Configure layout for this particular section: it can look like a regular data form (choose form), or a table with columns (choose table).

   4.  Add fields for data: 

  • enter field name. It is a label for the data field (or column name for table) 

  • choose input type. It defines what data will be collected using this field: date,  money, text, etc.

  • To add new field to the section, press button " + New field"  

  • To add new section, press  " + New section" button

  • for all field types additional settings are available:

 As example, for the dropdown list "Preferred vendor"  you can provide all possible values, a default value and a field's description (optional).

You may use Field's description when a field label is not enough to provide all necessary instructions for the given form field. 

 6.  When you're done configuring sections and fields in you data form, please also set field visibility settings for every field or section in every task. The default visibility is Editable (means every task assignee can view and edit all data form fields)

Types of fields:

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