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How to start new process
How to start new process

How to start a new process from an existing template

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To start a new process in Metatask, please go to "Processes" in the top level menu. Then use "Start process" button and choose the template you'd like to use:

In the pop-up window please enter the following information:

1. Set process title

Process may have 2 alternative options:

  • you cannot change process title, it's automatically defined and read only,  

  • you may update default process title (for example you can use the pattern "Template name - Process name", or you can change process name to any other value). Please remember that if you don't specify process title, by default it stays the same as a template's title.

2. Provide process deadline

 It can be defined in a process template as a rule (e.g. 2 weeks after process start). In this case when you start the process, the exact deadline is calculated according to this rule. It is always possible to set process due date to any other date manually. Process deadline may affect process tasks' due dates if these are based on a process deadline (e.g. "5 days before process deadline").

3. Fill in data form (if needed)

 Some processes require initial data to be submitted. If you need to fill the data you will see data form below. Data form fields may be optional and required. 

  • Required data field. This is a field you must fill in to complete the task. 

  • Editable (optional) data field.This is an optional field. You can edit it, but it is not a must for task completion. Click on the editable field to add data to it.

NOTE: Follow the instructions provided by process manager for better understanding how to fill the data form.

4. Start the process

As soon as all required data is provided "Start process" button becomes green. Click on the "Start process" button to start your process. Your newly started process will appear on "My processes" page: 

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