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How to customize currencies
How to customize currencies

How to configure multiple currencies in Metatask

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Metatask allows you to use currencies to work with financial values in your processes. You can use them in template data forms to create fields with "Money" type. When you start process from this template, task assignee can choose from pre-defined currencies to fill in data fields and complete the task.
As administrator, you can customize the list of currencies for your company.

Please go to the account drop down menu, then [team name] settings, and choose the tab "Company".

On company details page you can change the main currency for your company (USD is set as default), also add or remove additional currencies. Default (main) currency is automatically applied to your fields with "Money" type in data forms when creating or changing some template. If you'd like to use some other currencies as well, please choose one or multiple currencies as Additional.

Choose the currencies you need from the drop-down list. When you finish customizing your currencies list, please remember to press button "Save changes".
If you change the list of currencies while you already have templates where different currencies are used, Metatask will double-check with you about applying new currencies to existing templates. If you want to update currencies in all templates, leave the checkbox flagged ("Update all templates with new currency settings") and click "Update currency settings".
If you want to apply new currencies list only to new templates, please clear the flag from this checkbox and press "Update currency settings".

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