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How to use Metatask as a simple TODO app

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Managing personal tasks

In addition to working with business processes, Metatask can be used as a simple personal tasks manager app by all users. 

Private tasks are not part of any process.

Private tasks work just like you would expect in any TODO app. You can create private tasks and they will appear in "My Tasks" list (along with process tasks). You can edit them, set due date, delete or complete them at any time. 

To create a Private Task, open the "Inbox" tab in the top-level menu and click on "Add private task" button:

Then type the task name, set the due date and press Enter to save the task:

If you change your mind you can click on a "Cancel" (cross) button to close a new task panel.

Advanced private tasks

Private tasks are closely related to Delegated tasks. When you create a new private task it is assigned to you and instantly appears in your My Tasks list. However, you can assign any private task to any other user. Or you can even assign your private task to multiple users or groups, effectively making it available for them to work on it.

You can also un-assign a private task from self and it will go to your Available Tasks list. You can assign it back to self or to any other user later on.

When you assign your private task to someone else, it will disappear from My Tasks list and will be shown in Delegated Tasks list instead. Delegated tasks are tasks you have created and assigned to someone else.

Private and delegated tasks together are a simple way to not only manage personal TODO list but also assign and control small parts of work, not related to any active process to your teammates.

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