If you need to manage two or more separate companies in Metatask, it is possible to create multiple teams using one email address. This way you don't have to switch between different email addresses and no valuable information gets lost 🙂

Once your first team is created, you can use the same sign-up process to create the next teams. Use the same sign-up button, enter your email address and name. As soon as you do this, Metatask recognizes you. Using the form you see below you can sign in to your existing team or create a new one.

To create a new team further on, you can follow the usual sign up process.

In order to sign in to Metatask later, you can use the "Sign in" button on the start page of Metatask.

One more way to sign in is with your team's URL address. It is [team name].metatask.io
If you forgot your team's URL, Metatask can resend it to you.

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