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Delegated Task

What is Delegated Task and how to create it

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Delegated Task is a task not related to any process, created by one user and delegated to another user or users. Delegated Task has a similar description to Process task, but has no data form.

It is useful for one-time task that you need to delegate to another user and control the completion of this task.
โ€‹Each user is able to create Delegated Task in Metatask.

To create Delegated Task for another user, you should switch to "Delegated tasks" list in Tasks screen and click "Add delegated task":

As soon as Delegated Task is created, users can start working on it:

  • If you create the task for a single user, it is instantly placed to her "My tasks" list on Tasks screen. This user becomes assignee of this task.

  • If you create the task for multiple users or groups, it is not instantly assigned, but instead, it becomes available to all these users in Available tasks list. These users/groups of users become Candidate Assignees for this Delegated Task. When any of candidate assignees assigns the task to self, it is removed from Available list of other candidate assignees. User who assigns the task to herself becomes task assignee.

As soon as your Delegated Task is completed by assignee you will receive email notification and will see it in your "Completed" tasks list on Tasks screen.

If you need more information about user permissions and Delegated Tasks please read the article Access to Delegated tasks.

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