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Who has full access to started processes

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Process manager is a user who has permissions to manage the particular process. Process can have multiple Process managers at the same time. 

 Process Managers have full access to the process they manage. They can: 

  • View the process in "My processes" and "All processes" list on Processes screen

  • View all process details, data form, comments, history

  • Edit and delete started processes

  • View all process' tasks details, data form, comments, history

  • Edit and delete tasks on Process edit page

  • Change tasks due date 

  • Set or change tasks assignees

  • Complete and Reopen tasks 

  • Complete tasks on behalf of task assignees

  • But cannot edit template for these processes unless given Template editor role

Initially, you can define all Process managers in process template using "Process managers" option.

Setting process managers in template. All members of HR group will be able to manage processes started from this template:

When you start a new process from template, all users and groups from template's "Process managers" option are copied to a new process' "Process managers" option.
For started processes, you can adjust the list of process managers by using process edit page. When you modify process managers for a specific process, it doesn't affect this option in original template. 

Editing list of process managers for existing process:

If you need more information about Process manager permissions please read articles in Security and access control section and Configuring access to Processes article.

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