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Overview of Metatask features

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Metatask is a simple tool to describe and automate most common business processes like requests and approvals in minutes, without help of IT or consultants.

  • Describe any repeating process as a template and use it to start unlimited number of processes. Metatask automatically assigns tasks to proper employees, sets due dates and coordinates how information and documents are collected and passed between participants of a process.

  • You can assign work to groups and departments instead of specific employees. Work smarter with employees pulling tasks from queue of available tasks instead of being manually assigned work by managers.

  • Replace paper forms, emails and spreadsheets with structured data collection using Metatsk built-in forms. Define custom rules - who can see form fields, who can edit data and who must provide which pieces of information with simple interface. Control data using required fields and many supported field types, like text, money, number, email, file attachment and more. 

  • Keep quick chat on tasks where the tasks are in real-time. With real-time commenting you don’t need to keep conversations around tasks in your already overloaded email inbox. Submit comments, answer quick questions, attach files or documents and collaborate with other teammates - all without leaving Metatsk.

  • Transform complex processes going through multiple people and departments into simple lists of tasks. Metatsk provides all employees with a simple “My Tasks” view with exact tasks that needs to be done to move active processes forward. 

  • Process managers can instantly see all active processes, their status, any missed due dates, pending tasks and assignees - all on single view with convenient progress-bar indicators. And if you like working on the go - Metatask works great on smartphones and tablets.

  • Seamless Zapier support makes integration with hundreds of other apps a simple and straightforward task. No need to use complex APIs, in a just few click you can integrate with most popular apps available - from Gmail and Google Sheets to Salesforce and JotForms. 

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