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How to sign up and start using Metatask

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In order to start using Metatask, you need to create an account for your team.

Use "Sign up" button and enter the email address you are going to use. 

Next step is to enter your name. Use your name and last name so that your teammates can recognize you.

Then you need to enter your team or company name. This is changeable, so no worries =)

Next thing is to get your own URL address. It is https:/[companyname] by default, but you can change it here to a different URL. You and your team will use this address to sign in to Metatask later. Please note that while you can later change your email and team name, the URL address stays unchanged.

Once you confirm your credentials and push "create your team" button, you can start using Metatask.

You also receive an email that you need to finish the registration process. Just open it, click "confirm your email address" and set a password for your account. 

If you don't confirm your email within 2 days, you are automatically logged out of Metatask and cannot access your team domain without password reset

When you create your company/team account, you get the role of Administrator. You can create templates, invite your team members and start processes

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