Sometimes you need to use a table in data form to collect multiple records during your process run. E.g. Multiple items in order or tasks and hours for employee timesheet.

Steps to add data table to data form: 

  1. Add new section to data form and enter section name (It will be table name in this case)

  2. Set section view to "Table". Data fields in this section become table columns

  3. Add table columns: set column name, data type and other settings if needed

  4. Update visibility settings for every column in tasks list, if you need to limit access for assignee to some columns

It is possible to add for example one section as a form, and another as a table.

When you start process from this template, assignee of the task will see the table and can add and edit rows (if assignee has permissions to edit data table)

*** When you use data table in your template, additional settings become available for "Money" and "Number" data fields - you can set to calculate and show total values for these fields. When creating or editing data table in template, use settings for these fields and check the box "Show total for this column in table view"

When you start process from this template, data table will look in the following way with total values calculated:

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