Steps to create a new table:

1. Open "Database" menu and click "Add new" button

2. Enter a table name and pick an icon

  • Enter the table name at the top of the page.

  • Click the image button left to the table name to set a custom icon and a color.

  • Provide some description, so that other people can quickly understand what data is stored in this table.

3. Define title column

  • Fist table column is a "Title column". It is like an ID column, which identifies the record in a list. You should try to use some meaningful values for a title.
    For example, for Employees records you can use employee's Full Name as a title.

  • You can use any column with type "Text input" as a title.

  • It is not required that record titles are unique, but it is better when any record can be identified by its title. For example, two employees may have the same full names. If you see that many records have same title, you should think about picking a better title. In this case, you can add a year of birth to a full name to make titles more unique.

4. Add and configure columns

You can add as many columns as you need.

To add new column:

  • provide column name

  • select type

  • set settings depending on column type. For example to add "Dropdown" or "Multi-select" column you have to provide list of values.

  • Click green "Save changes" button

You can add columns with the following types (same as form field types):

  • Text input - simple text string.

  • Date

  • Date and time

  • Dropdown - option to select single value from list of values.

  • Email

  • Files upload - multiple files can be attached.

  • Money - one currency should be defined for the whole column. By default column currency is a main currency from company profile.

  • Multiline - long text

  • Multi-select -option to select multiple values from list of values.

  • Number

  • Yes/No - option to choose between positive and negative answer.

  • User - option to select on person from the team.

5. Adjust table permissions

Detailed instructions how to set permissions is here .

6. Add some records

As soon as all columns are set you can start adding records.

Note that when you search for records in a table, only content of text columns is searched ("Text Input" and "Multiline Text" column type).

7. Working with invalid records

Some records may be marked as "invalid". This means that record has some invalid data in one or more of its columns. When this happens, the whole record is marked with a red highlight and invalid data is also marked in red text. It is easy to spot wrong values.

Record may become invalid for various reasons:

  • Record has an empty title column. Title is always required.

  • Record has a dropdown (or a multi-select) field with invalid value, for example it has been deleted from a list of allowed dropdown options.

  • Record has a user field and a selected user has been disabled.

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