Database let you store, and organize frequently used information and use it within your processes. Database is a collection of Tables, used to keep your data just like Excel or Google Sheets tables.

Database is a great place to keep all your lookup lists, like “Departments”, “Position types”, “Expense categories”, “Categories”, and just about any other lookup lists you are using in your processes.

You can create Tables to store any kinds of information you are using in processes:

You can think of table as a list of dropdown options, stored outside of a template. In any place where you have dropdown or a multi-select list used in a process - you can connect it to a table to obtain list of options dynamically.

Managing lists in database is much easier than in a template. You can configure table to store rich information inside records. Tables support all the same types of columns as forms. You can use text, number, money, and even drop-downs, users, and files.

When you connect a form field to the table, you can configure it to only show some columns in a list of options. In example below you can see that we show Name, Make, Model, and Specification columns. But we do not show Owner or a Serial number.

Check out these instructions on how to connect a dropdown (or a multiselect) field to a database table.

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