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How to use Metatask with Zapier
How to use Metatask with Zapier

How to add your Metatask account to Zapier

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is one of the most popular integration tools today.
You can use Zapier to connect multiple apps together. In Zapier you use "triggers" and "actions" to describe how integration works. Integration created in Zapier is called "zap".

Here's a few examples of what zaps can do:

  • When "Send welcome email" task is created in Metatask,
          Send new email from template using Gmail.

  • When new "Request a quote" form is submitted in Google Forms,
          Start a new "Quote request" process in Metatsk.

You can connect any two apps together so that when something happens in one app - some action is performed is another app.

As you see, a first part of each zap describes when something should happen. This is called a "trigger".
Metatask provides you several triggers when used with Zapier:

  • When a task is created.

  • When a task is completed.

  • When a process is completed.

A second part of each zap is called "action" and it tells what needs to be done when "trigger" has happened.
Metatask supports several actions when used with Zapier:

  • Complete the task (you can also add comment and fill in form fields).

  • Start a new process (you can fill in the process start form).

  • Add comment for task

To use Metatask actions and triggers in your zaps you first need to add your Metatask account in Zapier.

Configuring Metatask account in Zapier

When you create a new zap, just add the Metatask app and after that you will be asked to select you account and login using familiar Metatask login page.

After you do this, your Metatask account will be added to Zapier and you can use Metatask actions and triggers in any zap.

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