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Start new Metatask process on new Google Forms submission
Start new Metatask process on new Google Forms submission

How to start new processes using a public form

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Public form is a great way to allow people who are not part of your team to initiate requests and start processes by filling in and submitting a form.

Some good examples of when public form is a great way to give access to your processes to external people:

  • A quote request form on your WordPress website.

  • A vacation request form on your Intranet page.

  • A job application form on your careers page.

This is just a few examples, and I think you got the idea.

In this tutorial we will configure a public "Vacation Request" form created using Google Forms and will connect it to a Metatask account using Zapier. Each time a form is submitted, a new "Request vacations" process will be started.

You can use a pre-made "Vacation request" template from our Templates gallery as a good starting point. Only a few minor modifications to a template will be required.

  • Process start form of Metatask process should have similar fields to your form in Google forms:

NOTE: In Google Forms click to "Responses" tab and create Google Sheet to collect responses.

Steps to setup integration:

 1.  Open Zap template to start 

Click on this link and start configuring your Zap.

2. Login to  Zapier account or create it

When you see a popup below you should login to  Zapier account, to proceed with configuring of a new Zap. If you have no Zapier account use Sign up form to create a free Zapier account. If you are not familiar with what Zapier is - it is a popular tool to connect various applications together. 

NOTE: It is not Metatask account and your Metatask account login and password will not work with Zapier.

3. Connect your Google drive account

Click "Connect an Account"  and provide access for Zapier to your Google account and click "Continue"

4. Select Google form 

  • Select "New response in Spreadsheet" and click "Continue"

  • In our example Find and select Vacation Request  form and click "Continue"

NOTE: To see your google form in a list you must create Google sheet to collect responses. It can be done in Google form settings.

4. Test your Google form 

  • On this step Zapier waits for response on your Google form. Please submit response in next  3 minutes. 

  • As soon as response is submitted you can go to the next step.

4. Select "Start process" action  

  • "Start new process" action will be processed on each new form submission event. Click "Continue" to proceed configuring.

5. Connect your Metatask account 

  • Click to Connect Metatask account if it is your first Zap (Next time you can skip this step)

  • As soon as connection is added, you can click to  test it. 

  • Go to the next step by click on "Continue" button. 

NOTE: Metatask user will be used as Process starter for scheduled processes.

If you already have Metatask account connected to Zapier just test it and click "Continue"

6. Select Process Template 

  • On this step you should select which process template should be used to process each new Google form response.  As per our example we selecting "Vacation request" process template.

  • you need to setup predefined parameters, which should be provided on process start, like "Full name", "First day of vacations" ,"Last day of vacations", "Process name" and other, you can do it on this step. Use you google form fields to transfer them to Metatask.

NOTE: If you cannot find some process start form fields click on "Show advanced options" link below.

10. (Optional) Send Test Process to Metatask

On this step you can check how new process will be started in Metatask with Sample data displayed.
Click "Send test To Metatask" and check in Metatask "All Processes" menu, new vacation request process should be added.

11. Click Finish button 

Your Zap is ready and starts working. But you can stop it till the time it is needed (do not forget to switch it on again)

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