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Schedule recurring processes

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When working with repeatable workflows, you may want to start some process by provided schedule. Metatask provides extensive support of Zapier and you can easily do it.

As example, we will configure process "Employee Weekly Timesheet" to be started  weekly using Zapier account of employee.

Example: We created process  "Employee Weekly Timesheet". It allows to collect weekly timesheet from employees and approve them with department manager. Employee should start this process each monday. Zapier helps do not forget to initiate it.

NOTE: Please start and complete at list one process from template you would like to use for Zapier integration, because Zapier needs sample data from your Metatask account to help you properly configure your integration.

Steps to setup integration:

 1.  Open Integrations tab in Company profile section

  • Go to the account drop down menu, then choose "[Team name] settings", and finally click on the "Integrations" tab. 

  • Here you can select one of predefined Zapier Integrations (called Zaps). Scroll to "Schedule weekly process" and click "Use this Zap".

2. Login to employees Zapier account or create it

When you see a popup below you should login to  Zapier account of employee who should starts the process weekly, to proceed with configuring of a new Zap. If you have no Zapier account use Sign up form to create it. 

NOTE: It is not Metatask account and your Metatask account login and password will not work with Zapier. 

3. Click Continue to proceed 

On this step you can see "Every week" trigger which starts any configured action (starts new Metatask process in our case)

4. Set up schedule settings

  • For example, we would like to start process each Monday at 7 am

  • Click Continue

4. Select "Start process" action  and click Continue 

5. Connect your Metatask account 

  • Click to Connect Metatask account if it is your first Zap (Next time you can skip this step)

  • As soon as connection is added, you can click to  test it. 

  • Go to the next step by click on "Continue" button. 

NOTE: Metatask user will be used as Process starter for scheduled processes.

If you already have Metatask account connected to Zapier just test it and click "Continue"

6. Select Process Template 

On this step you should select which process template should be used to start process weekly.  As per our example we selecting "Employee Weekly Timesheet" process template.

If you need to setup some predefined parameters, which should be provided on process start, like date, employee name, direct manager, process name and other data, you can do it on this step.

10. (Optional) Send Test Process to Metatask

On this step you can check how new process will be started in Metatask with Sample data displayed.
Click "Send test To Metatask" and check in Metatask "Processes" menu.

11. Click Finish button 

Your Zap is ready and starts working. But you can stop it till the time it is needed (do not forget to switch it on again)

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