Detailed Task Report allows to view all active and completed tasks for all processes started from one template. It allows to get data and analyse the following cases:

  •  Average speed of task completion (comparing created, assigned & completed date and time for each task in template) It helps to find bottlenecks in your process.
  •  How many tasks are completed by each team member in terms of selected process template (or all processes)

How to create report: 

  1.  Select one ore more process templates. If you want to see tasks for all processes, just select "All templates" option. "No template" option is for processes without a template, eg. when template was deleted. 
  2. Provide date range for process start date. You can select one of predefined values ("Today", "This week", etc.) or select a custom dates range.
  3. Select process statuses to be included into report.
  4. Click "Create report" button

Process statuses:

  • Not assigned - task is available and can be assigned to one of assignment candidates. 
  • Assigned - task is already assigned to team member.
  • Completed - task is marked as completed.
  • Approved - approval is granted.
  • Rejected - approval is not granted with some "Rejection reason". 

Report includes the following process data:

  • Template title 
  • Process title
  • Process starter - user who starts the process
  • Process started - date and time of current process initiation
  • Process completed - date and time when process is finished
  • Process deadline - current deadline for the process (if process is completed, last deadline is displayed)
  • Status - current process status. 
  • Task title.
  • Assignee - a person currently assigned to this task.
  • Task created - date and time when task became available to work on.
  • Task due date - deadline set for task
  • Task assigned - date and time when task was assigned to Assignee
  • Task completed - date and time when task was marked as completed 
  • Task status - current task status
  • Rejection reason - this value is for approvals which are rejected with some reason. 

You can hide unnecessary columns.

Task statuses:

  • Active - process is not finished yet. It has some tasks which need to be completed. (Skipped tasks are not taken into account).
  • Completed - all process tasks are completed.
  • Approved - same as completed, but process has some granted approvals inside.
  • Rejected - process is finished, but resolution is "Rejected". 

How to export report:

You can preview reports data on screen or export.
Supported export formats: 

  1. Microsoft Excel file.
  2. Comma separated values (CSV) file.
  • To export report click on green export button and select preferred file type:

Preview report options:

  • In preview mode you can resize, hide or freeze some columns for your convenience.

  • To view hidden data click on row to open it in popup.

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