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Form Data Report
Form Data Report

Get form data for a list of processes filtered by template and dates range. Includes all form fields and data from nested table sections.

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Form data report allows to get form data in grid view, where each record is a process.

How to create Form Data report:

  1.  Select one process template 

  2. Provide date range for process start date. You can select one of predefined values ("Today", "This week" and etc.)  or provide your custom date range.

  3. Select processes statuses to be included into report

  4. Click "Create report" button

Process statuses:

  • Active - process is not finished yet. It has tasks needed to be completed. (Skipped tasks are not taken into account)

  •  Completed - all tasks are completed.

  • Approved - same as completed, but process has some granted approvals inside.

  • Rejected - process is finished, but resolution is "Rejected". 

Report includes the following process data:

  • Template title 

  • Process title

  • Process starter - user who starts the process

  • Process started - date and time of current process initiation

  • Process completed - date and time when process is finished

  • Process deadline - current deadline for the process (if process is completed, last deadline is displayed)

  • Status - current process status. 

  • Report columns are equal to process data form fields in order they added to data form. 

How to export report:

You can preview reports data on screen or export.
Supported export formats: 

  1. Excel

  2. CSV

  • To export report click on green export button and select preferred file type:

For table sections data export, please use Excel format. 

Excel Report includes "Summary" tab and table section tabs: 

  • Summary - report data related to main data form

  • Each table section will be added as a new tab. As example, "Items" table section is added as "Items" tab in report. It lists all rows of "Items" table section for all processes in report. 

NOTE:  You are able to identify exact process on this tab using Process Title. You may need to have reference between main data ("Summary" tab) form data and table section items: use Process Id as a reference.

On screenshot process data form includes one table section "Items".

Preview report options:

  • In preview mode you can resize, hide or freeze some columns for your convenience.

  • To view  form data  for a single process click on row to open it in popup (Table sections cannot be viewed here).

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