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Setting a title for new processes
Setting a title for new processes

How to use data form fields to automatically create process title

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Metatask lets you easily ensure proper, uniform naming for all processes started from a same template.   

There are two options to configure a process title:

  1. Automatically generated process title

  2. Process title provided by process starter

1. Automatically generated process title

Process title will be automatically generated using formula entered in "Process title" field. 

This formula may include:

  • Static text 

  • Form field values entered in process start form.

  • Special values related to process start event (like start date, process starter and etc.)

How to use form fields in a process title

Example:  “New Employee onboarding - {Employee Name}”

If you need to add custom values to your process title, you can use data form fields. It means a process starter should fill in a field on process start and this field will be copied to a process title.

For process title you can use the following data types:

  • Date

  • Date time

  • Text

  • Dropdown

  • Number

  • Money

  • Email

Steps to add a data form field to a process title:

For example, we will set a predefined title for every new “Employee onboarding” process as “Employee onboarding - {Employee Name}”

  1. Open “Tasks” tab, click to tab with process start “Details” and select “Employee Name” field in a process title using  “+ ” button.

As a result, "Visibility settings" for these fields are changed: fields become required for Process starters.

2.  If you have no form fields configured, open “Data form” tab and add a new field (for ex. “Employee Name”).

3. Add new field to process title

How to use special values in process title

Example: "Vacation request from {Process starter} at {Start date}"

Special values can be used in a process title:

  • Start date - date of a new process start. Format: {Start date}

  • Start date & time - date and time when a new process is started. Format: {Start date & time}

  • Start month - month of a process start date. Format: {Start month}

  • Start year- year of a process start date. Format: {Start year}

2. Process title provided by Process starter 

By default Process title is the same as Template title, process starter will be able to change it when starting a new process. To use this option just leave empty Process title field on Template.

How it looks like on Process start popup:

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