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How to create request process with approvals
How to create request process with approvals

Create request templates and add approvals to them

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Working with repeatable workflows, you often deal with processes that require approvals: vacation and purchase requests, documents approval and so on. Metatask allows to create templates for such processes. User can create request with this template, and it will be automatically sent for approval to required people.

Steps to create template for request process:

 1.  Open templates list and click "Create template" button 

2. Choose Template name and icon

  • Enter the template name at the top of the page. Name should be general so that it can be reused when starting processes. E.g. "PC upgrade request".

  • Click the image button left to the process name to set a special icon for this process as well as background colour.

3. Update "Process details" settings for your request

The first line you see on the tab "Tasks" is called "Process start". Click on it to access process details - these are important settings for the whole template and processes started from it. 

What to set in process details:

  • Task order: choose "One by one" task order  to create process with approvals. The next task becomes available only after previous task is completed. 

  • Process managers. Users or groups configured in this field control all requests started from this template (means full access to all process data). E.g. I want IT department to manage the process, so I choose this group as process managers.

  • Process starters. These users or groups who can initiate your request using this template. E.g. I set "All users" as process starters

*** Please note: Try to use groups instead of single users. You can always create new groups and add required users to them.

  • Process deadline. There you can set formula for due date of your request (in what time after process start it has to be done). E.g. I want this request  to be processed in 2 weeks after it was initiated.

  • Process description. There you can briefly describe this template to understand the use cases.

4. Create tasks and approvals

Find the second line "New task" to create first task or approval in your process.
Click "+ Task" to create regular task to be processed. Click "+ Approval" to add approval.

For every task or approval you can set the following details:

  • Title. Short task/approval name

  • Description. Long description for assignee, detailed instructions that should be done to complete the task/grant the approval.  You can use Markdown to format text there.

  • Due date. There you can pre-set due date formula for the task or approval. It can be X calendar days/ business days/ weeks/ months after process start, before process deadline or after previous task complete (starting from the second task/approval).

  • Assignees/Approvers. In the field "Assignment candidates" you can pre-set users and/or groups who can work on this task/grant approval once the process is started.

5. Optional step: create data form

Using tab "Data form" you can create a shared data form for your process to transfer data between tasks and approvals. Add data fields to collect data during process run, group it into data form sections or tables. 

6. Choose process properties

The tab named "Properties" allows you to name template editors and clarify process instructions.

When you're done customising your template, don't forget to press green button "Create template". Once you do this, it will be in your list of templates and you can start new processes from it.

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