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How to work with data form fields: required, editable, read-only

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Task data form can contain:

  • fields you need to fill in with data (e.g. upload a copy of signed contract), that other people will use for their tasks

  • information you need to note and use for task completion 

  • Required data field. This is a field you must fill in to complete the task. 

  • Editable data field.This is an optional field. You can edit it, but it is not a must for task completion. Click on the editable field to add data to it.

  • Read-only data field. Field you can view but cannot edit. These fields have grey "inactive" colour

Task data form can contain data tables. You can read more here -  How to work with tables in task data forms.

If you data form contains a lot of fields, use red button "Find it" to locate required fields necessary for task completion.


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