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How to work with My tasks and Available tasks

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You can find all your tasks in "Tasks dashboard" by choosing tab "Inbox" in the top-level menu. Tasks dashboard includes two sections: 

  • My tasks - tasks are already assigned to you and need to be completed

  • Available tasks - tasks are waiting to be assigned. They are not yet assigned to you, but only available. If you want to take the task, first assign it to self. Other users will stop seeing this task - this way you make sure that you don't do one task simultaneously.

What is the difference between "My tasks" and "Available tasks"? 

Let's say one task = one apple.
"My tasks" =
your plate with apples. These are your apples and nobody else can take them. In the same way "My tasks" contain tasks assigned to you, so only you can work on them.
"Available tasks" =
shared plate with apples. Your team members and you can take apples from this plate to put them on your own plates. In the same way "Available tasks" is a shared place with tasks that you can take (assign to self) and start working on.

Tasks dashboard allows you to do the following actions:

  • assign task to yourself. Select the task and click on "Assign to me" link button to take the task and start working on it.

  • complete assigned task. When you finish working on a task, press "complete" checkbox on the left of task name. Please note: you won't be able to complete the task using this checkbox if the required fields in task data form are not filled in.

  • approve task. When you get approval, use the tick button on the left of task name to grant approval.

  • change  task due date. If you need to change deadline for your task you can do it on tasks list

  • delete task. If you have permissions to delete task, you are able to do it on tasks list 

  • add private task. If you need to add your personal task invisible to your team you can create it using "add private task" button and provide task name with due date.

  • change view of tasks list. For your convenience you can change view for each task list (there are separate settings for "My tasks" and "Available tasks"). The following options are available:

         "No groups" - simple view with tasks sorted by due date
​         "Group by process" - the list of processes your participate in and your tasks grouped by process
​         "Group by due date" - convenient view to control task due dates

  • view delegated tasks list. Delegated tasks are single tasks you create for your colleagues to perform. You can find delegated tasks by changing "My tasks" filter view to "Delegated tasks".

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