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Editing a running process
Editing a running process

How to edit details in started process

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When you start process from template, it appears in your list of processes and becomes active. As process manager, you can make the following changes in already started process:

  • change process name

  • change process deadline

  • edit the list of process managers

  • change process instructions

  • make changes in tasks: change task assignee, change due date

Note: When you edit details of the process, they don't affect the template you used to start this process.

How to make changes in active process:

Find the process in process list and click on it to access process details page:

  1. To edit process name, click on it and make necessary changes

  2. To edit process deadline, click on deadline date to open the calendar and pick a new date (or remove deadline)

3. Edits you can make to the process tasks on process details page include:

  • assign task to self

  • reassign task to any other user

  • complete task (if it doesn't have required fields in task data form)

  • grant approval for tasks with approvals

  • change task due date

4. To edit process managers, choose tab "Properties". Click on process manager's name to edit the list of process managers. Please note: if you remove yourself from process managers, you won't be able to restore your access without help of new process manager

5. To edit process instructions, choose tab "Properties". Click on current instructions to edit them.

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