If you need to make only numbers input available for a field in data form, you can use "Number" type for this field. For example, for employee ID number in employee onboarding process.

Steps to create "Number" fields:

  1. Go to "Data form" tab, enter the field name and choose "Number" type.

  2.  Use additional settings to configure min/max value and precision, also to allow only integers.

3. When you're finished with your data form, please configure visibility settings for every field in every process task.

4. When you start process form this template, task assignee with access to this field (editable or required visibility setting) will see it in the following way:

*** When you use data table in you form, you can set to show total values for "Number" data field. When you configure settings for this field, check the box "Show total for this column in table view"

When you start process, data table will look in the following way with total values calculated:

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