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How to add text input and multiline text input

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If you need include any text inputs in your process data form, please use:

  • Text input - for short texts up to 255 symbols. For example employee name in Onboarding process

  • Multiline - for longer pieces of texts up to 2000 symbols. For example employee address in the same process

Steps to add text fields:

  1. Please go to "Data form" tab, enter the field name and choose the field type you need: "Text input" or "Multiline"

  2. With "Settings" button you can choose the min and max length in characters

The default settings are:
1 to 255 characters for Text input
1 to 2000 characters for Multiline

3. When you're finished with your data form, please configure visibility settings for every field in every process task.

4. When you start process from this template, task assignee with access to this field (editable or required visibility setting) will see it in the following way:

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