If the options for your field in data form are pre-defined and you'd like to organize them in a selection, you can use:

  • Dropdown list field allows to choose only one option from the list. For example, to choose job type in employee onboarding process, you can use dropdown field and include all types available in your company: full time, part time, etc. 
  • Multiselect field allows to choose several options from the list. For example, to list languages your employee can speak, you can create Multiselect field with languages used in your company. 

Steps to configure dropdown or multiselect field:

  1. Please go to "Data form" tab, enter the field name and choose "Dropdown" or "Multiselect" type
  2. To list options for this field, press "Settings" and enter values in the pop-up window
  3. For Dropdown field you can also set the default value there

Configuring dropdown field:

Configuring Multiselect field:

4. When you're finished with your data form, please configure visibility settings for each field in every process task.

5. When you start process from this template, task assignee with access to this field (editable or required visibility setting) will see it in the following way:

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