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Using Markdown in Metatask
Using Markdown in Metatask

How to insert images and format text in task description

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Markdown is easy-to-use syntax to format text and insert images. You can use Markdown in these places in Metatask

  • task description

  • instructions for a process

Metatask supports the following Markdown syntax:

links: [link name] (
bold: ** word **
italicize: * word *
strike through: ~~ word ~~
header: #
Word (bigger header)
​              ## Word (smaller header)
list item: - word   or   * word
horizontal line:   ---
quote:  >

If you'd like to insert image, please use the following syntax:
! [image name] (

To access task description, please click on the task in My tasks and go to task view page. There you'll see task description right under task name and assignee.

For process instructions, please go to process view page and click "Edit" button. You'll see the field for instructions (description) right under process name.

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