When you add data form to your template, you might not want every assignee to work with the entire form in her task. Metatask allows you to setup assignee access to form fields in every task with these options:

  • if you mark field as Hidden, assignee won't see this field when working on the task

  • if you mark field as Required, assignee won't be able to complete the task until she fills in this field

  • if you mark field as Read-only, assignee will see this field but won't be able to fill it in

  • if you mark field as Editable, assignee will see this field and be able to fill it in

Please note that by default all data form fields are Editable for all assignees.

Steps to setup fields visibility in a task:

  1. Choose your template with configured data form and open "Tasks" panel

  2. Click on the task you need to set up form fields access

  3.  Switch to "Fields Visibility" tab

4.  Choose visibility for every field or for the whole section. The default visibility option is Editable

5.  Repeat this for every task of the process (if needed)
6. The same way you can set up form fields access for process start, just select "Process start task" in "Tasks" panel.

Please note
that section visibility buttons allow to quickly choose the same setting for all fields inside one section. But if you then add a new field to this section, default Editable option will be applied. 


In the screenshot below you can see how visibility settings influence task assignee access to the form fields:

  • field "Name" is Required

  • field "Birth date" is Editable

  • field "Department" is Read-only

  • field "Job title" is Hidden

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