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Communication inside the process

Where you can communicate with team members involved in your process, or how to use task comments

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When you need to ask a question about assigned task or pass some information to a colleague, Metatask allows you to do this without messengers. You can communicate with team members using task comments. Just click on a task name to access task details page, and you'll see comments panel on the right. 

Using the box at the bottom of the page, you can leave a message, attach files and @mention a colleague in your comment.

To simply leave a message, type and press "Enter" key or click "Send". You can delete your comment later in comments history by clicking "X" button.

To attach files, use clip button on the left. Please read here for more information about using files in Metatask.

You can @mention  task assignee, task manager or any team member in task comments. 

Process managers can see all task comments, comment on any task and receive email notifications about them. You can read here how to manage your notifications.

Who can comment on task?

  • as for assigned task, only task assignee or process manager can comment on this task. But if you invite any other team member using @mention, she can also leave a comment 

  • when the task is available to you, you can comment on it before assigning to self

  • if the task is not available or assigned to you, you cannot comment on it

Who can see task comments?

  • of course, you can see comments in the task assigned to you

  • candidate assignees can see comments in available tasks

  • if the task is not available or assigned to you, you cannot see its comments.  

Who gets email notifications about task comments?

  • task assignee gets notifications about task comments specifically on her task

  • process manager gets all notifications about her process including task comments

  • a person @mentioned in task comments also gets email notification

  • candidate assignees can access task comments but don't get notifications about them 

How to reply to a task comment?

  • you can reply using comments box 

  • on process view page, use link button "Reply" near task comment you need and type your message

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