Metatask allows you to use currencies to work with financial values in your processes.
Before you can apply currencies to your templates and tasks, please customize the list of currencies for your company. 

E.g. you need a template about travel expenses approval. Your HR manager needs to calculate visa payment, the cost of tickets and accommodation, and your accountant - traveling allowance. And then you can evaluate the final cost of business trip and approve it. You can create fields in data form with type "Money" to handle it.

Steps to add and configure money field in template data form:

  1. For such template, you need to create a data form with all those fields (visa payment, tickets cost, etc.) and choose "Money" type for them

2. It is also possible to choose the exact currency/currencies to use for these fields.
E.g. you need to use dollars for visa payment, but euros or dollars for tickets cost. You can customize it using "Settings" button on the right of the field and edit the list of currencies in the pop-up window:

3. If you need to make just one currency available, choose it in "Main currency field" and leave "Additional currencies" empty

4. To allow user selecting from several currencies in a data form, choose one currency as "Main currency", and others as "Additional currencies"

5. If you don't choose any currencies in field settings, the currency stays main (or default) currency
6. When you're done creating your form, please remember to set fields visibility for task assignees

How assignees will see money fields:

E.g. your manager started that process "Travel expenses approval" and you get the task "Calculate visa payment". In order to complete this task, you need to input the visa costs into the "Visa Payment" field. Since only one currency is set available for this field, you cannot change it. As soon as you enter the value into  "Visa Payment" field, you can complete this task.

The next task "Book airplane tickets" also needs data input. But here you need to choose which currency to use for this field - USD or EUR. Once you input tickets cost value and choose the currency, you can complete this task.

*** When you use data table in you form, you can set to show total values for "Money" data field. When you configure settings for this field, check the box "Show total for this column in table view"

When you start process, data table will look in the following way with total values calculated:

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